What’s With All the Car Recalls?

We’ve all been hearing a lot about automotive recalls lately. Car recalls in 2013 were up 20% from the year before, and recalls in 2014 have already reached 220. This makes 2014 the biggest year for recalls since the record 224 set by 2004. With that in mind, should you be concerned about the safety of modern cars? Is buying a new car today a quick ticket to our auto body shop in Seattle?

In truth, the high level of recalls is actually a positive development. It is indicative not of a decline in the quality of cars being made today, but of an increase in our standards. The first thing to understand is that most of the cars being recalled are older models with recently-discovered defects. Meanwhile, tighter safety standards are forcing action on unsafe vehicles that have been on the market for several years. So, if the recent trend of recalls is preventing you from buying a new car, put your worries to rest.