Your Mileage vs. Your Car’s Value

Taking your car in for maintenance and repairs at our auto body shop in Seattle is a good way to keep up the resale value of your vehicle. However, there is no way to completely prevent the gradual decline of your investment. There are many factors that will chip away at a car’s value over time, one of which is the mileage.

Mileage is a big factor for people buying a used car. Unfortunately, the specifics of how mileage affects a price are not cut and dry. The general rule of thumb is that a car should accrue roughly ten thousand miles every year. If your car has significantly more mileage on it than it should for its age, this can be taken as an indication of additional wear and tear. You can therefore expect to drop the price by a few hundred dollars when trying to sell your car.

Obviously, it can be difficult to reign in your driving if you have a particularly strong need for your car. It therefore pays to focus on the factors that you can control. With that in mind, always remember to bring your car in for appropriate maintenance and repairs with Greenwood Collision in Seattle.