Look Out for the Gas Tanker!

Have you ever driven into a gas station to see that the gasoline tanker is in the process of filling up the station’s gas supply? It can be a bothersome experience. After all, it probably means that you’re stuck waiting for the tanker to clear off before you can refill your car. Unfortunately, the problem goes even deeper than that; take the advice of your auto body shop in Seattle and find another station when you see a tanker in your favorite spot.

The problem with gas tankers is that, while they are refilling your gas station, they’re stirring up the content of the station’s underground tanks. Imagine that the tank is a bottle of pulpy orange juice; if you pour the juice without shaking it up, you’re not going to get much pulp. However, if you shake up the juice before pouring, your drink is going to be a lot pulpier. In the case of the gas station, this pulp is like all of the detritus and sediment in the tank. Fill up your car while all this junk is swimming around in the gasoline, and it will end up in your engine, clogging your filters and hampering your car’s performance. Do the right thing for your car, and avoid the gas stations that have recently been re-stocked.