Winter Roads vs. Your Wipers

There’s no worse time than the winter to have back windshield wipers. If your wipers aren’t up to the task when it starts coming down outside, you could easily find yourself taking an unplanned trip to your Seattle auto body shop. Unfortunately, the winter is also the time when your wipers are most likely to quit on you.

In truth, if you live in an area that regularly sees snow over the cold months, you’re probably finding yourself driving on a lot of roads that have been sprinkled with coarse salt. This salt is getting onto your windshield, trapping itself under your wiper blades and grinding down the rubber. Gradually, you’re losing the ability to shove the heavy snowfall off of your glass, which can be disastrous in the wrong conditions. Be prepared for the winter months, and have a spare set of appropriate wiper blades ready to go.