Wash Your Car the Green Way!

More and more people are worried about the environmental impact of owning a car, and this concern extends to the way you keep your car clean. Indeed, a properly cleaned car means a car that is resilient to the wear and tear brought on by harsh dirt and environmental effects. A regular car wash can keep your paint job well intact, which translates to fewer trips to our Seattle auto body shop for touch-ups and repairs.

When it comes time to wash your car, an automatic car wash represents one of the “greenest” options available. Though it may seem economical to do your own wash by hand, it has been observed that an automatic wash uses up only half of the water you might otherwise use with a conventional bucket-and-hose method. Commercial car washes are also required to clean and recycle their water, accounting for even further savings.

When looking for an automatic car wash, look for a no-contact pressure system over a rotating brush system. These are likely to do less damage to your paint job, and keep you driving cleaner, greener, and longer.