Your Tricky Little Oxygen Sensor

Most motorists aren’t even aware that their cars have oxygen sensors, much less that these little devices can cause big problems for their engines. In truth, these elusive little spark-plug-like sensors can very well be the culprit for a majority of the “check engine light” issues that are brought into our Seattle auto body shop. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your own oxygen sensors and the implications they have on the performance of your vehicle.

When your “check engine light” goes on, this could mean that your oxygen sensor is not functioning properly. You may feel inclined to ignore this problem, as you will probably not notice any real issues in the functioning of your engine. However, a faulty oxygen sensor is actually causing your car to start sucking down gasoline like nobody’s business. This can result in up to a forty percent decline in fuel efficiency. So, if you think that your oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, bring it down to Greenwood as soon as you can.