When Your Oil Light Comes On

Say you’re out on the road and your oil light turns on. Do you know what to do? Take the advice of Greenwood’s Seattle body shop to avoid doing catastrophic damage to your car.

In case you don’t know which light is your oil light, it generally takes the shape of an old-fashioned oil can. This will light up in red when your car experiences a drop in pressure. When this happens, you want to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and shut off your engine. It is not safe to continue running your car without oil pressure, for without lubrication, your engine is rapidly tearing itself to pieces.

The first thing to do after pulling over is to check under your car. Is any oil leaking out? This probably means you’ve blown a gasket, and will need to get a tow. If you don’t see any leaks, try checking and changing your oil (it helps to have an extra bottle of oil on hand). After you’ve done this, try starting up your car again and seeing if the oil light comes on. If it does, you’ll want to get your car to a proper body shop as soon as possible.