The Importance of Changing your Spark Plugs

Do you remember the last time you had your spark plugs changed? It’s a simple procedure, one that our Seattle body shop could have done in minutes. However, it’s still something that far too many driver’s neglect. This hurts fuel efficiency, and will eventually prevent your car from starting.

The function of the spark plug is to create an electrical spark so as to ignite your fuel when you start your engine. To do this, it forces an electrical charge to jump across a tiny gap, like a miniature bolt of lightning. Over time, this gap is getting sullied by the fuel that runs through your engine. Carbon builds up, inhibiting the flow of electricity. The more of a build up you get, the more fuel you have to burn to get your car started. Eventually, you won’t be able to get a spark going at all.

A normal spark plug will generally last between ten and twenty thousand miles. If you’re approaching that limit, don’t wait to have your plugs checked out. You’re probably saving money in the long run.