What Do I Do if My Car Suffers Flood Damage?

It’s a pretty good bet that your car was not meant to go underwater.  If you get caught in a flood, drive into a lake, or otherwise submerge your vehicle, you’ve got a big problem on your hands.  The good news, however, is that your local Seattle auto body shop can help you through such an ordeal.  So stay calm, call your insurance agent, and try following these simple tips to keep the risk of further damage to a minimum.

Firstly, DO NOT START THE CAR.  This could damage the engine further.  Assess the damage, taking note if the engine or the interior got wet.  Taking photographs can help you in an insurance situation, and possibly give your mechanic insight on what to look for.

Have the car towed if you need to, preferably somewhere that can help you dry it off.  High powered fans are the best way to do this.  You’ll want to watch out for mold in case the car can be salvaged, so take special care of the interior.

Even after your car dries out, you can’t expect it to perform like it used to.  Your electronic systems may have to be replaced altogether.  Be prepared for some lengthy repairs, and get your water-logged wreck down to Greenwood as soon as possible.