Fuel Injectors and Air Filter Scams

Not every Seattle auto body shop is as honest as Greenwood!  There are places out there that will try to milk your business for all it’s worth, even resorting to tricking you into thinking that you need to replace a part that doesn’t need replacing.

Should you ever find yourself in an unfamiliar body shop, be wary of the extra services they try to tack on to your bill.  One common scheme involves the mechanic showing you a part that he claims came out of your car and telling you that it needs to be replaced.  Popular items here are fuel injectors and air filters.  This part may be caked in filth such that even a non-expert like you should agree that it needs to go.  However, it’s entirely possible that this part is a dummy, specially prepared to trick customers.

Keep track of when you last changed your fuel injectors and air filter.  An air filter should last you about a year, or 15,000 miles.  Fuel injectors can last you for 35,000 miles at very least.  If your mechanic tries to tell you otherwise, there is a good chance you are being lied to.  Get your car out of there and bring it down to Greenwood ASAP!