Flat Tires and Slick Surfaces: Keeping your Car in Control

Our Seattle auto body center sees a lot of damaged cars come in that ran out of control when their tires suddenly lost their grip with the road.  Whether through a flat tire or a slippery spot in the road, these kinds of situations can happen unexpectedly and are frequently not your fault.  In order to minimize any potential damage to yourself or to your vehicle, try keeping these tips in mind.

Blowing a Tire: If you think that one of your tires has blown out, keep your cool and don’t hit the brakes too quickly.  Your compromised tire pressure is less able to handle a sudden drop in speed, and you might lose control if you slow down too quickly.  Keep your car moving in a straight line as much as you can and ease off the gas until you’re at a comfortable enough speed to pull over.

Going Into a Slide: Sliding on a slippery surface is a lot like blowing out a tire, in that you don’t do yourself a lot of favors by slamming on the brakes.  Again, ease off of the gas pedal and turn the wheel into the skid as much as you can.  Try looking towards where you want to go rather than where you are going, as your hands tend to follow your eyes.

Stay focused, follow this advice, and you should be pulling yourself through these potential disasters with a minimum of damage.  When the road should get the best of you, though, be sure to bring your vehicle to Greenwood Collision.