Don’t Use Do-It-Yourself Windshield Repair Kits!

There are several product lines out there that promise quick, cheap solutions for all your cracked windshield needs. Though many enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers may find such a prospect attractive, this is one area where you’re well-advised to stick with the expert help of your Seattle auto body shop.

Though you’re sure to save a little money with a home repair kit, few people find the results to be worth the cost. These kits generally supply you with a low-quality resin, which frequently changes color, falls out, or causes further damage to your windshield. This problem is only compounded by the sub-par tools that go with a do-it-yourself job; professional equipment is able to leave your repair smooth, so that your wipers don’t trip up on it. It’s able to create a vacuum in the cracked area, so that no air particles are trapped inside the resin to compromise the integrity of your repair. These are things that cannot be offered by a kit.

So remember to take all of your cracked windshields to a real collision expert. We’ve got the best tools, the best materials, and the know-how it takes to make your repairs last.

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